About PT Grand Wie Sukses Properti

PT Grand Wie Sukses Properti was founded in 1999 as a company that specializes in real estate and property business. Initially, we were just an agency, subsequently progressing as a contractor and present times we have become a developer. To be a trustworthy and a professional company, PT. Grand Wie Sukses Properti has obtained all of the proficiency needed. We have mastered the skills of sales, planning, execution, construction and development. Our objective is to watch, accommodate and develop the potential property industry in Indonesia. The real estate and property industry itself has encountered a rapid growth in the last few decades especially in the bigger cities.

PT Grand Wie Sukses Properti is specialised in the premium class of real estate and property development. Resort, condotel, villas and residential were some of our previous projects. We are always prioritizing customer's satisfaction by providing the best location, quality, construction and investment that is beneficial for the customer. We have an aspiration to be a big company and have a good network both locally and internationally. Whether we worked as the executive or share holder, we want to keep a good relationship with our partner.

Our Office

Our Vision

Grand Wie Sukses Properti will be the only company that masters the tourism sector, housing and agro estates.

Our Mission

Grand Wie Sukses Properti engages in fulfilling and developing the greenery and prospective provinces to become an industrialized and resourceful cities.

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Our Core Values

Our values can be shorten as the word FOCUS.


We strive to give the best service and yet still friendly to our customer.


We respect and welcome any feedback and suggestion.


We are confident in our project as we are supported by a passionate team.


We understands the market, the client and their needs.


No other words needed, let’s succeed together.


Well sure that's it all, we need to FOCUS!

Meet the Founder

They are believe Bintan will become an area with tourist destinations that can attract the eyes of the world

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Bandono Budiman CEO

Berencana untuk membangun Trikora agar lebih maju dan berkembang. Semuanya itu tujuannya kembali untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan daerah dan masyarakat di Bintan

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